Stainless Steel and Black Paracord Rosary


This is our most durable rosary. It is completely handmade in our factory in Italy with an extremely stable technical cord – Paracord 550* – reinforced on the loops by a saddle stitch of Nano Cord of 0.75 mm. The “Hail Mary” beads and the small rings are in stainless steel. The “Our Father” beads are made with capuchin knots. It is completed by a beautiful Pardon Crucifix and by a special marian rosary center depicting on one side the Virgin of Loreto and on the other side the Holy Family. Next to it, we added the Saint Benedict Medal.
These Paracord and Stainless Steel Rosaries are delivered in an elegant rosary bag along with the warranty certificate.
These italian rosaries are popular and widespread among sportsmen, scouts, military and police corps and are perfect for those who, even leading a dynamic and intense lifestyle, want to carry along their own rosary.
*Paracord 550, or Parachute cord, is a nylon cord of extraordinary quality, military designed, usually used in parachutes. It has 7 strands that, in turn, are made of 7 threads each, for a total diameter of about 4 mm. Paracord does not rot, it is very stable in the long term and can bear up to 249 kilos (550 lbs), almost equating it to a climbing rope despite its very small size and weight.
In order to guarantee that our rosaries remain always beautiful and stable over time, here at MANENTE Rosaries, we only use top-quality Paracord 550.


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Stainless Steel and Black Paracord Rosary

• Hail Mary beads: stainless steel, 8 mm (0.3149 in);
• Our Father beads: capuchin knots;
• Cord: black Paracord, diameter 4 mm (0.1574 in);
• Saddle stitch on the loops: red Nano Cord, diameter 0.75 mm (0.0295 in);
• Rings: stainless steel;
• Crucifix: zamak alloy Pardon Crucifix, 5.5 cm (0.2165 in);
• Rosary Center: zamak alloy Virgin of Loreto and Holy Family, 2.5 cm (0.9842 in);
• Additional Medal: zamak alloy Saint Benedict Medal, 2 cm (0.7874 in);
• Length: 41 cm (16.1417 in);
• Circumference: 51 cm (20.0787 in).
DISCLAIMER:  products are individually handmade. Therefore, possible minor differences in the appearance of an actual product from those pictured, as well as small imperfections do not represent a defect but rather are evidence of the artisanship individually applied to each piece, thus reflecting the unique character of each piece and enhancing its value.

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